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meet my:me smart home!



Security & Surveillance

Wireless home security and 24×7 continuous video recording

Smart Home Control

Receive notifications and control your smart home system from anywhere

Get notify


when someone is  at  your doorstep.

when the alarm goes off.

when there is water leak.

when lights left on.

Easily create actions based on different events and conditions

You can make actions based on the temperature in your home, or whether there has been any motion. You can even schedule an event to happen at a certain time. And that’sjust the beginning.

See what my:me can do

for you,

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Offer includes

my:me Gateway

The mind of my:me.Receive automatic notifications and alerts from devices and actions. Easily add new devices when you want. ​

1 x Wireless Multi Sensor

Motion sensor Temperature sensor Light sensor Humidity sensor Vibration sensor UV sensor ​

1 x Power Socket Outlet

Control your power sockets from your Smartphone or Tablet and create automatic actions.

1 x Wireless Outdoor Siren

Installation by my:me Professional Installer


maintenance service

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8,90 € per month  V.A.T included  (including equipment worth 560 and  maintenance service) .

pre-order now  and save 50% from the Basic Kit after the promotional offer. 

Offer is valid until 30/06/2017